Dreamed up in 2015 by Coleen Thompson,

Buff Beauty Lab was a response to the lack of ethical nail salons in Montreal.  Knowing that so much more was possible, she sought to create a brand guided by a belief that the simple pleasure of self care, and beautifying yourself, should be done with products that not only work, but that are also good for you. 

Obsessed with service, comfort and good hosting, she designed a serene, home-like environment where one can relax and enjoy services that are thoughtfully developed for the discerning modern client. The Lab has since grown to encompass hair care and other aesthetic services, as well as a boutique carrying the best in premium, organic and vegan beauty.


Our philosophies about beauty are centered on consciuosness, and that is how we approached creating our salon experience.  At BUFF BEAUTY LAB we care.  We care about your health.  We care about our planet.  And while we know how great a beautiful manicure or a badass haircut makes us feel, what we really love is a clean, healthy, natural hair, nails and skin.  Its a priority.

We've done our research, and we only use products that are as nontoxic and clean as possible, without sacrificing performance.  We will never use a product on you that we wouldnt use on ourselves, or our children.  That is our promise.